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Advocacy in Action: The Power of AAHOA's Federal PAC Program
Date: Coming Soon!
Advocacy is the lifeblood of AAHOA. Hoteliers don't stand a chance without strong and consistent representation in the chambers where laws, policies, and mandates are being drafted, debated, and voted on, This is why one of AAHOA's primary roles is to advocate for the industry by serving as the foremost resource and advocate for America's hotel owners. Join us for the first in a series of episodes in which we share how AAHOA staff members and association leaders are working for you at all levels of government to protect your business and your investment in the hospitality industry. Your AAHOA team is making a difference in ways we will share in each episode.

You've got to get in the game to be in the game. Learn how you can amplify your voice from other AAHOA Members who consider advocacy at all levels to be the foundation of their hotel ownership playbook.

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Breaking News Webcast: Everything You Need To Know About Red Roof's New Infotainment Standards.
Join us for an exclusive AAHOA Industry Update Webcast presented by DISH Business, unveiling the dynamic integration of the Red Roof Infotainment platform from DISH Business across Red Roof and HomeTowne Studios & Suites properties. We will review evolving guest expectations and explore the importance of personalization and how individualized welcome messages, in-room TV interfaces displaying loyalty account details, and loyalty account logins via in-room TVs contribute to a more tailored and memorable guest stay. We will also cover new features, including native casting that seamlessly connects guests' personal content to compatible in-room TVs and devices. Learn how built-in streaming options provide direct access to various popular services, including HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and more.
Do I Really Need an Employee Handbook?
Creating an effective employee handbook is crucial for setting clear expectations, policies, and procedures within your hotel. And while no states require employers to have an employee handbook, the larger question is what to include if you do have an employee handbook. Join us to hear more about this, arbitration agreements, and other employment law updates affecting hotel owners.
Connect to New Revenues! Without Selling More Rooms or Raising Your Rates.
Learn about a new SmartHub solution that can flow highly profitable non-room revenue directly to your bottom line, instantly improving the value of your hotel. SmartHubs in your parking lot or mounted to your building can co-locate EV charging stations with 5G "densification" technology to create long-term lease income for hotel owners.
The Corporate Transparency Act of 2024 goes into effect on January 1
The government is demanding your information!
Join this webinar to learn how new, continuous reporting obligations will affect over 30 million businesses in the United States, including yours. Congress has enacted the Corporate Transparency Act of 2024 to increase transparency and accountability in the reporting of everyone who benefits from ownership in a corporate entity. Company ownership and financial structures are more complex and connected than ever before. This can lead to illegal financial activities, like money laundering, tax evasion, and fraud. Simply put, the new legislation requires businesses to report who their beneficial owners are. The new legislation goes into effect on January 1, 2024, and there can be significant consequences for not reporting.  
Unlocking the Capital in Your Real Estate!
Discover IRS best practices that will allow you to maximize the value of your hotel. Through the power of depreciation, you can literally save thousands of dollars in those crucial initial years of operation where cash flow is integral to the success of your business.
Smart LNR/CNR Tactics to Boost Revenues. Don't Miss Out!
Join us for a fun and dynamic webinar that can help add revenue to your top line. Winning your fair share of Local Negotiated Rate (LNR) and Corporate Negotiated Rate (CNR) business is highly competitive and there are specific strategies that are proven to work better than others. Let us show you what you can do and what you should never do! Too many hotel owners believe getting these contracts is the finish line of the race. In fact, it's just the beginning. Learn how you can make your contracts generate even more room nights through online platforms, global sales teams, travel management companies, and partnerships.
Is Music in Your Hotel Putting You at Legal Risk?
Studies show music enhances your business by making customers happier. But it’s important to know that under federal copyright law, when copyrighted music is performed in any establishment, permission must be granted from the copyright owner. In most cases, that permission comes in the form of a music license. In this webinar, you will hear from Daniel Spears from BMI, who will help you navigate the complex world of music licensing. BMI represents more than 1.3 million songwriters, composers, and publishers with over 20.6 million musical works.
How To Secure Talent Using the New, Official AAHOA Member Career Site
Are you getting enough job candidates to fill your open positions? Can candidates apply for your jobs using their smartphones? Can they easily see why it would be better to work for you than someone else? If you answered "no" to any of these, you may be missing out. There's a better way to find talent and streamline your hiring practices. Hcareers is an online marketplace for recruiting hospitality talent and has served the industry for over 20 years. In this webinar, you'll learn about AAHOA's partnership with Hcareers in offering an enhanced digital ecosystem that seamlessly integrates across multiple HR platforms while offering additional benefits to employers and job seekers.
Improve Your Income Through P&L Analysis
Do you look at accounting reports as only being needed for taxes? If you do, maybe it’s because you’re often on property and handling day-to-day purchases and decisions. You know what’s coming in and going out. It might surprise you to learn that the most successful hotel owners, with portfolios of all sizes, know something about accounting that others do not. Learn how following industry standard accounting can positively affect your business, help you make more profitable decisions, and see exactly where you can improve while also making it easier to get assistance when you need it the most.
Don't Overpay! Know Your Hotel's Taxable Market Value
Your hotel's market value is not its taxable market value. There is a difference. Most hotel owners, management companies, tax assessors, and consultants do not know the difference. That's why most hotel owners pay more in property taxes than they should be. You cannot afford to miss this webinar, packed with real examples backed by real results.
How to Qualify and Secure the Employee Retention Credit
Our Experts Will Help You Take Advantage of the CARES Act’s Employee Retention Tax Credit. ERC Provider President Sunshine Chapman will review recent updates to the ERC and discuss how employers can qualify for the Employee Retention Credit. Along with our partners, our company has processed over $9 billion in ERC credits and our team of 300 payroll tax experts will ensure that your business receives the maximum credits.
12 Points
Educational Webinar Series
AAHOA's 12 Points Webinar Series brings you the information you need related to the12 Points of Fair Franchising, which continue AAHOA's mission to support the long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between industry Franchisors and Franchisees.
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